"Concerned with the General Welfare of the Deaf of Iowa"

Updated July 4, 2017


Tony Greene and his brother, David Greene

Date of birth, Unknown--May 7, 2017

On left, Tony and on right, David

Memorial services and a Celebration of Life for Anthony "Tony" and David Greene, both formerly of Estherville, Iowa, will be held at 7pm on Saturday, May 13, at Henry Olson Funeral Chapel in Estherville, Iowa. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service. 

Online condolences may be left for the family at

In memory of Anthony 'Tony' and David Greene

Born sons to James and Joan Greene and survived by all whose lives thy came in contact with.

They were God's gift to us although we may have struggled to find the gift qualities in them from time to time.

Tony: Who couldn't love a face like that? We did anyhow. He was quiet, solitary, naive and we are all quite sure he instructed the military as to what shock and awe was really all about. We all watched over him and protected him as best we could. He was our brother, uncle, co-worker and friend and we will miss his presence.

David was a very positive, social, likable kind of guy that you knew when you let him into your life he was going to leave you with something in return. Whether you wanted it or not he would leave it. Only to return as if nothing had happened. David's sense of family would have made Norma Rockwell jump for joy. Family was what it was all about with David even if you didn't see it his way. He was our brother, uncle, father, grandfather, co-worker, friend and a work in progress and we will miss his presence.

They were as different as night and day. Felix and Oscar so to speak but they were our family and sometimes family is all you have. They had each other and if you really knew them then they had you to..

When people pass away the opportunities to make more memories is gone. To us that is what grieving is. They are missed but Tony and David are not gone. Opportunities for new memories are gone yes but they will live on through their children and the stories we have to tell. Tony and David are not really gone to us. They are just out of sight.

More information about Tony Greene.  He passed away at age of 59 years old at Burnsville, Minnesota.  He attended Iowa School for the Deaf and graduated in 1976.

After the memorial service, he and his brother will be interred at St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery, Estherville, Iowa.

We want to thank Henry-Olson Funeral Chapel, Estherville, Iowa, and Diane Tekippe for the information.